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Thanks for visiting with me at Besides music, my biggest passion in my life are my animals.   I would like to make a plea that you join me against the fur industry. If you ever have known a chinchilla you would know a creature so wonderful, so amazingly gentle, so cute it would make you sick as it makes me to know that chinchilla farms still exist. The pelting of these animals is the cruelest, most disgusting, inhumane sight you will ever see. We are not talking about humane slaughter or animals for food ... we are talking about people ripping the fur off these beautiful animals while they are still alive, caging them in small disgusting cages. If you have the courage there are videos on the net (like one from Peta) that will make you so sick, that you won't believe people could be so heartless. I am embarrassed that Jennifer Lopez and aAerosmiths’ Steven Tyler both buy and wear chinchilla fur. In Jennifer Lopez's case, she has the "courage" to show her furs off in public and in her clothing line. She may be able to sing, but she sure has no class and no heart. I boycott both of those artists’ music. My fellow musicians, if you ever have a chance to voice your opinion against furring chinchilla with them, the record companies and managers that represent them, or others that support this barbaric practice, I would be most grateful. Please visit my forum at  Lucky's Place Thank you for reading this ... it is very important to me!!