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Dear Santa
Music For Pets and People
The Dream
 1   Namaste  2   Amazing Grace    3   Law of Attraction    4   Too Hot    5   Number 33   6   Kota's Song    7   Hall's Pond    8   Willow Park (Part1)    9   Willow Park (Part 2)   10  I'm Gonna Take That Cookie (Instrumental)   11  Thanks for Rescuing Me   12  Where Are You Now (for Lucky)   13  I'm Gonna Take That Cookie   14  The Other Side Listen to tracks on the Music page
 1.  The Dream  2.  Lonely For You  3.  Get The Wood  4.  Sunshine of Your Love  5.  Bora Bora  6.  Captured  7.  Running Free  8.  It'll Be Different  9.  Scenes From a Childhood 10. If We Knew Then
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Hear The Silence
Hear The Silence is about healing , strength, courage , love of oneself and others. In 1994 studio musician, performer,music composer and producer Jamie Glaser was in the Northridge Earthquake in California, when the shaking stopped nothing was the same. From 1978 to 1994 he toured the world with Grammy award winning musical acts, lived the good life in Los Angeles, and suddenly found himself unable to get out of bed for 6 months. Jamie lost all his worldy possessions in the days following the earthquake, his self esteem, his quality work and eventually found himself homeless and without hope. Hear The Silence tells the story of life lessons and experiences that brought him back from the "dead" to the wonderful life he has today and inspires others to celebrate with him.
Progressive Concepts 
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Listen to tracks on the Music page
 1   Will You Still Love Me  2   Tis the Season  3   The Christmas Song  4   What Child Is This   5   Feliz Navidad  6   Dear Santa   7   Santa Claus Is Coming to Town  8   Breath of Heaven  9   Winter Wonderland   10  Silent Night  11  12 International Days of Christmas   Listen to tracks on the Music page
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